Tofastrud RomAkustikk AS

…is dedicated to the design of critical listening rooms, Recording and Mastering Studios, Pre and Post Production Studios.

We also perform expert tuning of existing rooms and loudspeaker systems.

Lars Tofastrud

Lars Tofastrud has worked with multiple TEC award-winning studio designer Francis Manzella since 1999. His interest in Music, Loudspeakers, and Acoustics goes back to the early 1990s.

“His passion for acoustics and loudspeaker design is only matched by his devotion to making sure things are done right!” -Francis Manzella

Francis and Lars started Griffin Audio USA, Ltd in the year 2000.
Please visit griffinaudio.no for information about Griffin Studio Monitors.

After moving back to Norway in June of 2020, Lars started Tofastrud RomAkustikk AS to serve Norway, Scandinavia, and Europe.

Tofastrud RomAkustikk AS is registered 926086871 MVA at Brønnøysund registrene (brreg.no)